Sample Lesson 2

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Vocabulary Study. Phrasal Verbs.

Fill the gaps with the suggested variants.

look forward to        get on          give up         hurry up          try on           turn down







 Now compose sentences with these phrasal verbs.

Grammar Revision.

Choose the variant of answer you think is correct.

1) When Mark arrived, the Johnsons ____ dinner, but stopped to talk to him.

   were having
  was having

2) It ____ outside; I don’t like to walk in such weather.

 is rain
 is raining 
 is rained

3) The economic situation in this country is already very bad and it _____ worse.

  is getting   
  would be getting

4) Before we _____ from swimming in the river near the camp, someone ____ our towels around us.

 returned, stole   
 had returned, had stolen  
were returning, stole
 returned, had stolen

5) She ____ always ____ in Moscow.

  -, lives  
  has lived  
  has live

6) The boy sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he ___ before.

  has not flown
  did not fly
  had not flown 
  has not been flying

7) Don’t worry _____ late tonight.

  if I’ll be
  if I’m
  when I’ll
  if I be

8) We ____ 20 new buildings this year.

  had built
  were building
 have built


Listen to the conversation between the customer and a travel agent. Match the hotels to the facilities they offer. Write a-d next to the points 1-4.


 1 Hotel Sunshine 
 2 The Highland Hotel 
 3 Hotel Carminia 
 4 The Roal 

 a fitness facilities

 b business facilities

 c training courses for water sports

 d entertainment facilities 

Grammar Study. Present Perfect vs Past Simple.

Study the following information.

Present Perfect  Past Simple 

1) describes indefinite past (result is important, not time) 

2) the action started in the past, but it is still going on at the present moment

3) the action started in the past, but the result is seen in the present

1) describes the action which took place at some concrete time in the past

2) it is used to denote consistent actions in the past

3) the action took place in the past on the regular basis 


I have been to Paris.
Mary hasn’t seen John since Friday.
I have done this task before. 


They left for London three weeks ago.
Yesterday he got up late, took a shower and rushed to the office.
When he was young he played tennis every evening.

Grammar Practice.

Use either Present Perfect or Past Simple in the sentences below.

1) I (to read) that book three times.
2) She (to go) home three days ago.
3) I (to meet) Mr and Mrs Shelley.
4) She (to start) school in 1984.
5) I (to leave) the office early last night.
6) He (to see) the film before.
7) You (to be) to Austria?
8) You (to see) the film on TV last night?
9) When you (to arrive) in London?
10) John (to be) to Germany before.

Answer these questions:


1) What’s the most interesting film you have ever seen?
2) What’s the most exciting city you have ever been to?
3) Have you ever talked to a celebrity?
4) What’s the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
5) What’s the most appalling place you have ever visited?



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